Trail Conditions 3/10/2009

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Trail Conditions 3/10/2009 Empty Trail Conditions 3/10/2009

Post  kinneyed on Tue Mar 10, 2009 11:38 am

Trail Report March 10th

Ran Trail 15 from Bear Brook State Park to the top of the trail system about 2 miles north of Route 4 in Chichester.
Only one major water bar at this time about 1/4 miles south of Route 4 just as you enter the Woods. There are many small ones just looking to come thru and with the warm weather you will need to be extra careful.
The Range Roads are a different story. I closed 6th Range Road last night, there is a water bar on it that we will not be able to fix until summer and is just not worth anybody taking on. 5th Range has many issues on the northside as should be run a reduced speeds. 7th Range has the normal water bar issue starting about mile north of Trail 15 intersection.
We will try to get the small groomers on the trail system on Friday night as it will be too warm until then. This of course is if the snow is there to work with.


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