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Post  groomingcrew on Sat Nov 26, 2011 10:09 pm

Hello Fellow Snowmobilers,
A few things I feel should be passed on to club members and visitors so you are up to date on whats happening, I have been working hard to keep up with everything but with limited help its not easy, THANK YOU to those who have helped out!

Here is whats going on:

1. Arrow As you may notice when driving down 28 the signs have been put up today, need only a few more STOP signs..... hopefully snow on the way soon. Arrow

2. Trail #15 North from Hardy Road & North Pembroke Road the bridges were repaired today. Thanks to Green Crow Saw Mill located in Andover, NH they gave us an EXTREAM DISCOUNT on the bridge materials making it possible to pull this project off. cheers

3. The HESS gas station on Route 4 in Chichester has given us premission to groom and sign a nice trial along Route 4 (where it was before) on their properety but should be alot better this year as the tucker and ASV will be able to keep it wider and go onto the HESS Properety.

4. If all goes as planed we will be adding back onto our trail system a groomed trail to the Montminey Store on Route 28, The landowner agreed with RESPECT from the snowmobilers using the land as a trail and not a race track she will alow it to be opened again. It has been a few years since this has happened.... Lets all do our part to keep it open.

5. The Powerlines leading to the Montminey Store from Trail #15 is being cleared of all the brush by crews hired by the utility company so this will open it up for us as it looks right now. We will need to build a bridge for the small stream as it NEVER freezes.

6. The field between Bear Brook State Park and Gilbert Road will have a North and South Lanes to hopefully prevent any accidents as last year there were a few close calls with sleds and groomers and as you know the groomer is alot bigger and will hert alot when you run into the blade on the plow from not paying attention.... affraid !!!!!!! We will see how this will work, hopefully GREAT!

7. My promise to all of you: To keep the trails in the best shape possible and signed well as I hate riding somewhere and not having a completely signed trail.


Respectfully Submitted,

Mathew A. Bouchard
N.H. Trail Dawgs


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