New Trail and New Signage.....??????

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New Trail and New Signage.....??????

Post  groomingcrew on Wed Nov 30, 2011 10:20 pm

Hello All,
As it looks I have been busting butt trying to get the "OLD" Montminey Store trail open, visiting with land owners and what not..... So far I have been lucky and the KEY landowners have been EXTREAMLY happy to re-open it. So as it looks right now I'm almost sure it will be a GROOMED trail this year. Also, you will notice alot more signage up and new trail head signs when entering our system. Myself and the asst. Trailmaster have been working hard to get equipment and trail work complete! You will notice this year if you see the ASV on the trail that it is now lite up with LED strobe lights making it easier to see from a distance and extra lights being put on the drags so not only the operator can see the drag clearly but the snowmobilers as well, I believe in SAFTY first and the more lite with warning lights and flood lights the safer it will be! I think you will all appreciate the look of the new lights! Furthermore it is a cleaner look and the equipment also make the club look good as well! This is a tough task since it is all volunteer and we try to add it to our already busy lifes. So with this said I want to end it with you guessing..... What is "NEW" for 2011???? As soon as trails are open, feel free to report back to me as to what you thing of the "NEW" additions to the club trails! Thank you for your time and I'll keep pluging away to keep my promise to you..... GREAT TRAILS and SMOOTH RIDE!

Respectfully Submitted,

Mathew A. Bouchard
N.H. Trail Dawgs


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