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Post  groomingcrew on Wed Dec 14, 2011 12:36 am

Hello Fellow Snowmobilers,
To keep you informed I'll be posting consistantly on trail conditions and trail work updates until we have snow on the ground then Trail Grooming Reports atleast twice a week!
SO AS OF PROJECTS TODAY:The abuptment to the bridge in the Main Street Trail where we built the bridge on 12/12/2011 was completed today. Also today I had walked our trail system starting at 6:30am just to access areas that were still muddy and didnt want to rut it up...... This took me 6 hours then lol... I got a ride back to my truck as my legs were tired! Everything seems to be looking up for the best! There is a couple of things I'm going to finish but nothing MAJOR! Also with the help of the asst. trailmaster today we built a bridge "out of the blue" along route 28 on Trail#15 between where it crosses route 28 out of Bear Brook and The Trail Dawgs Bridge that goes over the river. When we met up today after he had finished servicing one of the Skandics I said, "Hey, what do you think of building a bridge over that wet area just before the river?" He looked at me like I was crazy and said...." How about tomorrow, we only have an hour of daylight left" My responds was....."That's what our truck headlights are for..." He chuckled and off we went.... loaded up the materials and built the bridge. Mind you it was 7pm when we got done..... it gets dark at 4:30pm! So for all you to enjoy not having to dodge water holes we did this thinking of our members and visitors to our trail system as well!

So witht this said...... Looks like Camp ground bridge and signing more tomorrow!!!

Check back tomorrow night for an update!


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