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TRAIL WORK UPDATE 12/14/2011 Empty TRAIL WORK UPDATE 12/14/2011

Post  groomingcrew on Wed Dec 14, 2011 10:57 pm

Hello Fellow Snowmobilers,
Today was a great day to be working on the trails, unfortunatly I had done all this work solo, anyone who happens to have any free time during the week, feel free to call my cell(603-344-9433),no awnser leave a message I may be operating a piece of loud equipment, I can ALWAYS use the help!
#1. I finished nailing down all the timbers on the "new" bridge that we built yeasterday.
#2. I have added 36" more inches of railing onto the first bridge that goes over the Suncook River..... When we got a foot or so of snow packed on the bridge base the railings were only 3' tall...... Not much protection if there were an accident...... now there will be about 6'. Alot safer now and with saftey for snowmobilers is a great concern of mine I'm going to try to get the second bridge done as well!!!! Hopefully this may be able to happen tomorrow unless it rains all day.
So with that information in mind..... I'm going to be relaxing for the rest of the night..... Another Report tomorrow!


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