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Hello All,
I went out today and did a trail inspection on thee range roads and trail #15 from Bear Brook Parking Lot to Gate number 7 which is at North Pembroke Road and Hardy Road.... Heres what I got so far:
The trails seem to have held up over the past few months since the snow has left and the summer rains took over. The Rains from the past few storms seemed to not cause alot of damage, it did infact leave the trails a bit wet. I had removed some blow overs and cleaned a few downed trees crossing the trails. The Bridge on the loop trail that was out over winter WILL need to be replaced as it is extreamly damaged and appears a truck tried to go over it and I can only assume needed a tow out. Thought that that was kinda comical as you can see where the truck tire marks went through..... As it IS A SNOWMOBILE BRIDGE! So with that said Brian and I are putting together a trail work project date and will contact people whom have signed up to possibly help. Thank you ALL for those of you willing to help. The rest of the trail will be inspected within the next few weeks!


Respectfully Submitted,

Mathew A. Bouchard
N.H. Trail Dawgs


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